Andrew Carnegie – David Nasaw

Building an American empire.

If ever there was a poster child for crony capitalism Andrew Carnegie would be that man.

In David Nasaw’s biography, Andrew Carnegie, the reader is introduced to the man from humble beginnings who would rise up to be arguably the world’s richest man.

Nasaw’s extensive work, 801 pages, is fluidly written so that even the most pedantic subject matter is enjoyable to the reader.

At first we are introduced to the son of a hand weaver from Scotland that has fallen on hard times. With money borrowed, the family sets sail for the United States in what would become the land of opportunity for Carnegie.

The real beauty in Nasaw’s book is how he is able to bring to light the many different personalities that make up Andrew Carnegie. We are introduced to Carnegie the ruthless and unforgiving business man, the husband, father, politician, friend, and philanthropist.

As we discover, Carnegie is not without his flaws. He is somewhat vain, never really being comfortable with his appearance, a staunch enemy of unionized labor, and self-absorbed. Even with the ever so present flaws of Carnegie apparent throughout this book, it is hard not to somehow like him.

Nasaw’s work is well written, researched, and most importantly and enjoyable read. Andrew Carnegie is an impressive work that will provide hours of enjoyment, and is strongly recommended to be high on your reading list.

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2 Responses to Andrew Carnegie – David Nasaw

  1. Gwen says:

    I have always had a sweet spot for both Carnegie and Rockefeller, but haven’t read much on Carnegie. This one sounds like a great spot to start. Thanks!

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