The Gin Closet – Leslie Jamison

Raw human emotion.

We’ve all heard the saying “life’s not fair,” usually used by one of our parents’, in some context, when we were young kids upset that we didn’t get our way with something. Maybe something we wanted at the store or playing outside after school but rarely anything of real importance. Could there be people whose life really weren’t fair?

The Gin Closet is the story of Matilda (Tilly) an estranged family member recently introduced to a niece (Stella) who has tracked her down to inform her that her mother has died. Tilly is a woman that’s just had to get by in life. No matter how hard things got, she had to find the strength to keep going. A life filled with disappointments, failings, addictions, and abuse. Intrigued by this newly found family member, Stella begins to unwrap the painful layers of Tilly’s life in an effort to form a relationship with her aunt.

Jamison’s emotional debut novel is filled with characters that quickly become very real to the reader. Her writing style is beautifully descriptive and flowing, making it a truly fine example of writing as an art.

Treat yourself to this emotionally charged story and discover for yourself a new and upcoming author in the world of literary fiction.

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4 Responses to The Gin Closet – Leslie Jamison

  1. Zee says:

    I’m putting this in my ‘to-read’ section at Goodreads. It’s hard to find literary fiction these days… everything is YA oriented. My books need to have a bit of substance to them if I am to enjoy them.

    Plus, I get all excited when someone says ‘debut novel’. It’s like catching a rare butterfly.

    • Hey Zee – I’ll tell you it isn’t a “warm fuzzy” kind of book, but I found it so full of emotion and moving that honestly I had to remind myself the author is only 26 years old.
      Let me know what you think.

  2. Terrific and eloquent review! This sounds like a moving read – I’ll definitely have to check it out! Thanks!

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