The Postmistress – Sarah Blake

The Postmistress

by Sarah Blake
Amy Einhorn Books/Putnam; Feb. 2010
336 pages; $25.95

I must admit that I have been interested in reading this book for quite some time. The time period (WWII), locations (Europe and Cape Cod, MA), and idea behind the story all seemed like they would make an interesting story sure to keep my attention. Unfortunately the book didn’t deliver quite as I hoped it would.

Set in the WWII era of the 1940’s, The Postmistress is a story told by a journalist (Frankie Bard) who was working in Europe during the time period before the US joined the war. Frankie is a tough ‘go getter’ kind of reporter that believes American’s aren’t getting the whole story as to what’s happening in Europe – so she sets out to report the story. Her radio reports are broadcast back to the states where they are listened to by the people living in the small Cape Cod town of Franklin.

A Franklin resident (Dr. Will Fitch) leaves Cape Cod to go to England where he feels that he can be of help. In a way Dr. Fitch is trying to redeem himself after the death of a local woman, he was assisting during her labor, profoundly affects him. While in England he meets Frankie Bard and the relationship begins that will forever tie the small Cape Cod town and its residents to the reporter. Dr. Fitch dies in England and it is left to the town’s postmistress (Iris James) to inform the widow of the news.

Blake’s writing is disjointed in the beginning. The novel starts out leaving the reader questioning how the characters will relate to each other. It isn’t until about 100 pages into the book that the story really finds its pace. I must say that after the characters are tied together the story really takes off, and I found myself more interested in the story.

Ultimately The Postmistress is a story of love, loss, and how human relationships are forged. If you can stick it out and get through the beginning, The Postmistress will prove to be a good read and would be recommended.

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10 Responses to The Postmistress – Sarah Blake

  1. thisismynewmoon says:

    *Like*. As always, I enjoy your reviews. I’ve read your entire blog (perk of being unemployed – you have time to do such things) and the potential here is huge.

  2. Linda Sheehan says:

    Hi Jason…this was one of my favorite books so far this year. It just spoke to me for some reason & I found no ‘lag’ time. Linda/CT

    • Hi Linda and hello neighbor!

      I will admit that I did like the story and characters, but for me I just wished it has set its teeth in me a little earlier than it did.

  3. Vasilly says:

    I plan on listening to this on audio soon, so I can’t wait to see how I feel about this book. Great review.

  4. Beth F says:

    I think I liked this better than you did, but I recognized a few flaws. But Frankie was a great character!

  5. Suzanne says:

    Interesting review.
    I really wanted to like this book because I am drawn to WWII stories but was ultimately disappointed.

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