Author Interview – Rebecca Chace

Author Rebecca Chace recently spoke with Brain Candy Book Reviews to discuss her upcoming novel, Leaving Rock Harbor, which will be released June 1, 2010 by Scribner.

BCBR: How did the story of Leaving Rock Harbor come to be?

RC: My father was from a New England mill town, Fall River, MA., and though I grew up in New York City, we went to Fall River often to visit family, and I would always hear these stories about the past glory of Fall River, and I was fascinated by those stories and by the mills themselves, that then, even more than now, were abandoned and very haunting.

BCBR: You say that your father is from Fall River – are there aspects of your life represented in this book?

RC: Not my own life, no.  But the general outlines of my grandparents’ life is reflected in the book–not their characters, or choices, but my grandmother moved to Fall River from Poughkeepsie, with her father and mother–when her father got work as an engraver at one of the mills (not the Flint Mill) and he was from Manchester, England.  My great grandfather was indeed president of the Mass. State Senate–but happily that’s where the similarity between he and Ham Curtis ends!

BCBR: You’ve certainly created some interesting characters with Frankie, Winslow, Joe, Alice, and Ham – do you have a favorite?

RC: I suppose Frankie is my favorite.  Perhaps when you write in the first person that becomes your favorite automatically.  But I wrote the story from her point of view, and while I love al of them, she would have to be my favorite.

BCBR: Let’s talk about your writing for a moment. How do you write?  Do you write at specific times?

RC: I try to write in the morning, but I also teach and I am a single mom with two daughters, who are at school, not little kids, but family life still takes a fair amount of management and time. So what I try to do is simply write whenever I can, it is hard to have a fixed schedule.

BCBR: How long did Leaving Rock Harbor take to write?

RC: I’d say that the book took a LONG time to write! About 9 years all told, but I had a lot of “event density” in my personal life at that time, raising kids and also I had an acting career going at the same time, that I have now mostly stopped, as four jobs: Raising Kids Solo, Writing, Acting and now Teaching seemed like one too many!

BCBR: That certainly is a full plate and I wont take up anymore of your time. I wish all the best with Leaving Rock Harbor and want to thank you for your time and supporting book bloggers.

RC: Sure, no problem.  I think book bloggers are important b/c they keep the conversation alive about BOOKS, which we love.

Rebecca Chace is an award wining writer, an actress, and teacher. She resides in New York City. For more information on Leaving Rock Harbor or Rebecca Chace, please visit her website at:

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