by Ted Dekker
Center Street Books – April 2011
368 pages; $24.95

Growing up in a small Bosnian village Danny Hansen dreamed of one day being a Catholic priest. During the country’s civil war, a young Danny Hansen witnessed the brutal murders of his mother and two sisters. Fueled by his hatred for the people who committed this crime against his family, Hansen joins the Bosnian militia in order to avenge their deaths. Following his time in the militia Hansen immigrated to the US to become a priest.

Once a priest, Fr. Hansen dedicates his life to ridding society from its most evil people. As a vigilante priest, Hansen feels his actions are not only warranted but are for the greater good of all. This character combination makes for some pretty intense situations, and equally enjoyable reading.

Renee Gilmore is a young, suffering, heroin addict. Attempting to escape a dangerous situation, Renee is rescued by her would be guardian angel. A seeming knight in shining armor, he nurses Renee to health and ultimately they fall in love. When Renee’s knight fails to return home one day she knows something terrible has happened to him. Vowing to avenge his death, Renee seeks to find the persons responsible and deliver her own form of justice.

When Fr. Hansen and Renee Gilmore’s paths cross, after Renee finds herself being rescued from another dangerous situation, a friendship forms that has vigilante justice at its core. Hanson and Gilmore grow close with Renee becoming a student of Hansen’s vigilante justice. This friendship will take them on a path of heart pounding danger that is an absolute thrill ride for the reader.

Dekker’s writing is restrained and not gritty in the way many mystery or thriller type stories are. This might go against the grain of many typical thriller type stories, but Dekker proves that good story telling can be thrilling, edge of your seat entertainment without the added grit. The Priest’s Graveyard certainly lives up to Center Street’s publishing model that they “publish wholesome entertainment, helpful encouragement, and books of traditional values that appeal to readers in America.”

An absolutely engaging page turner, The Priest’s Graveyard will appeal to mystery and thriller lovers alike.

For more information on The Priest’s Graveyard, or Center Street Books, please visit the publisher’s website at:

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2 Responses to THE PRIEST’S GRAVEYARD – Ted Dekker

  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed this one! I hope you try out some of Dekker’s other thrillers!

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