A HARD DEATH – Jonathan Hayes


by Jonathan Hayes
HarperCollins – April 2011
416 pages; $24.99

After being fired from his position as a NYC medical examiner, Dr. Edward Jenner finds himself in Douglas County Florida working as a medical examiner in the seaside town of Port Fontaine. A usually quiet community, Jenner is out running one day when he stumbles onto some police activity where a sunken car is found in the swamp. Examining the car, two badly decomposed bodies are found setting into motion the tone for things to come.

Acting on a tip, Jenner is dispatched to the Everglades swamp to where more bodies are said to be. Once the island is found, four more bodies are discovered and things heat up as Jenner starts to identify the single thread that seems to have these murders connected.

An interesting point about this book is that the reader is taken through the case from a forensic pathologist’s point of view. In fact Hayes’s other job, when not writing books, is as a medical examiner for the city of New York. From the murder scenes to the morgue this novel is excitingly told from Jenner’s unique point of view.

The discovery of a seventh body brings the investigation to a fevered pitch. With tempers and emotions high, corrupt allegiances, and the national spotlight on Port Fontaine, Jenner becomes even more intimately involved. An involvement that will leave him fighting for his life.

A Hard Death starts strong and doesn’t let up. Action packed, the pages fly by as the reader is treated to memorable characters, dangerous situations, and a story that is sure to capture the attention of any mystery lover.

A Hard Death is the second “Jenner” novel by Jonathan Hayes. The first, Precious Blood, was published by HarperCollins in 2007.

For more information on A Hard Death please visit the publisher’s website at: http://www.harpercollins.com/books/A-Hard-Death-Jonathan-Hayes?isbn=9780061691768&HCHP=TB_A+Hard+Death

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2 Responses to A HARD DEATH – Jonathan Hayes

  1. This sounds exactly like the type of book my boyfriend would love. He’s so into action and thrillers and mysteries and such. Awesome review, I will add this to the list of books I will consider buying for my boyfriend!!

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