by Adam Mitzner
Gallery Books – May 2011
384 pages; $25.00

While attending the funeral of his father, Alex Miller meets, for the first time, Michael Ohlig – a long time friend of his parents. During this first meeting, Ohlig requests Miller to represent him in an upcoming securities fraud case he and his company are facing. Agreeing to represent Ohlig, Miller takes on a case that will forever change his life.

While working on Ohlig’s case, Miller begins to question the character of his client. In the legal world where the murky line between guilt and innocence is not so clear, Miller expertly crafts the plan to save Ohlig from a life behind bars. As one of the partners at a prestigious law firm, Miller assembles a staff to help mount Ohlig’s defense. One of the firms up and comers, Abigail Sloane, is selected as Miller’s assistant.

Sloane is a beautiful, hard-working, rising star at Miller’s firm. The nature of a case such as Ohlig’s requires Sloane and Miller to spend many hours working together. While Miller’s marriage is somewhat stagnant, coupled with the amount of time he is spending with Sloane, the inevitable happens and Miller succumbs to his urges and sleeps with Sloane.

While defending Ohlig, Miller receives word that his mother has died suddenly. The untimely death begins a second thrilling story line in Mitzner’s book. This second story line is full of betrayals, personal conflicts and struggles that will have Miller’s life spiraling out of control, and the reader anxiously turning pages.

A Conflict of Interest is Mitzner’s first book. A practicing NYC attorney, Mitzner no doubt draws on his legal experience to create a fast-paced legal thrill ride that’s full of twists and turns. Mitzner’s descriptive and informative writing style is a pleasure to read and will surely cement him solidly into the world of legal thriller writers.

For more information on A Conflict of Interest please visit the publisher’s website at: http://books.simonandschuster.com/Conflict-of-Interest/Adam-Mitzner/9781439157510

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